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Monday, June 16, 2008

Look Sexy in Your Bikini 3- Best Exercises

You don't have to dread exposing your midriff in your bikini this year!

Straight from Salt Spring Weight Loss Retreats, here's three of the best exercises for getting your tummy flat and and ready to shimmy into that bikini for yoga on the beach in no time!

1. Ball Praying Mantis : Kneeling on mat place forearms and hands on ball. Balancing on knees, lift feet and engage abs. Now roll ball outwards a short distance, and roll back in. This movement combines a 'roll out' of the arms with a coordinated 'roll-out' of torso. Remember to to keep abs very tight. For beginner to intermediate.

3. Ball Inch Worm : Place hands on floor and tighten abs. Now think of gripping ball with tops of feet and lift buttocks upwards as you tuck knees into chest. Roll ball back out again. Repeat. Remember to keep abs contracted the entire time and to think of doing a 'inchworm' movement. For intermediate to advanced.

3. Ball Bridge + Medicine Ball Crunch : Position body on ball so that back of shoulders and head are supported. Make sure legs and lower body are in a 'bridge' position and tighten abs + buttocks. With straight arms reach medicine ball behind and lift it forward, curl-up your torso in a crunch movement. Go back down slowly, repeat. Think of 'lifting' with your abs. For intermediate to advanced.

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