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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sexy Arms Workout on the Ball & Bosu

1. Arm Pumps on Ball 8lbs X 24
  • Lie on your back on a ball, tuck-in chin so neck is nice & long and relax those shoulders. These are what I term your 'blind spots' as we tend to forget to check them.
  •  Zipper your abs nice & tight!
  • Pumping one arm at a time, push  dumbbell up a bit faster and lower a bit slower.

2. Wings Blaster Arm Dips X 12
  • Push ball into a wall or corner for more stability. Beginners - have someone spot you AND push ball into a corner.
  •  Keep your abs tight like a drum & secure palms into ball.
  • Slowly lower your bottom down, staying close to the ball - then use those triceps to bring your body back up.
3. 2-Minute Power Row
  •  With an overhand grip - drive your feet into the foot hold and row your little heart out!
  • You are working your arms + abs + legs + posture so be mindful of engaging and tightening these muscle groups!
  • Squeeze shoulder blades when you row back for an added halter top back sculpting tweak.
4. Shoulder Press + Squat 8bls X 20 on Bosu
  • Steady yourself on the Bosu 'half ball'. Beginners, have someone spot you.
  •  Squat down then back up in a smooth motion being very mindful of balance.
  • Squat down with dumbbells at shoulders, as you stand up, tighten abs to keep your balance and press the dumbbells up.

5. Lean & Gorgeous Arm Sculpter on Bosu X 10
  • Flip Bosu over and try these amazing arm-sculpting push-ups. Beginners, do them on your knees.
  •  Keep elbows tucked in for a potent triceps burn & tighten abs.
  • Lower body slowly and push back up with power.
Repeat for 3-rounds, you'll be nice & sore tomorrow :)

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