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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saltspring Personal Training with Deb Leblanc


If you’re looking to increase strength, become flexible, lose weight, be free of pain and manage stress, Deb Leblanc Saltspring Island Personal Training is 100% focussed on your goals.
With 25+ years experience, unwavering support and contagious inspiration, Deb designs each workout precisely for you. Every session is a little different so you get fitter faster and maintain your fitness longer.Enjoy Assisted Stretch therapy at the end of every Training session. 
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Because your health goals do not end in the gym ~ included with Personal Training

√ Detailed Intake to determine the correct fitness path for you.
 Fitness Testing (core, posture, balance & strength)
 Weekly progression updates
 Assisted Stretch to complete each session
 Customized Exercise Program with pictures (5 and 10 Pack)

 Weekly Fitness Homework Plan based on your lifestyle and activity enjoyments
 Weekly personalized reminders with health & wellness tips
 Unwavering support, motivation and guidance.

STRENGTH TRAINING Build a strong body and strong mind with resistance exercise, core conditioning and total body toning. Certified in a diverse range of specialties, including Medical Exercise Specialist, I help to educate and motivate you, while maintaining safe exercise protocol for your individual health concerns and goals. Each week you become stronger and healthier.

HEART RATE TRAINING If you want to lose weight, increase your strength and have better cardiovascular function, knowing your individual fat burning and strength building zones are paramount. Using a cheststrap heart rate monitor, I teach you how to attain your resting heart rate and what that number means in regards to your current health. From that number I determine the appropriate, correct training zones for you.

ASSISTED STRETCH THERAPY Experience immediate benefits with assisted stretching.. Assisted Stretch offers a significant incredible impact on your overall health, injury prevention and recovery. This is your time to breathe deeply,let go and relax completely.

PRIVATE WEIGHT LOSS RETREATS If you want long term weight loss, strength & stamina and learn to how to eat in abundance without restrictive calorie counting, Saltspring Private Weight Loss Retreat may be what you need. Analyzing your lifestyle, eating patterns, activity enjoyments and current health; you will achieve long term weight loss success and never go hungry again. My one-on-one program is specially designed for men and women who are ready to commit to their weight loss journey.

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"It gives me great pleasure to have been helping Salt Spring Island get fit, lose weight and become more flexible since 2007." ~ Deb Leblanc

A 25+ year fitness advocate Deb is a multi-certified, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss Coach, TRX Qualified Trainer, and Learn-to-Run Coach.

Deb is also a published Canadian health & wellness author; proud Lululemon® Ambassador Alumni, spokesperson for The Body Image Answer and featured FitList Exercise How-to model, 

Deb Leblanc offers Personal TrainingWeight Loss Retreats and Outdoor BootCamp on beautiful Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada!

. National Academy of Sports Medicine (2001)
. National Academy of Health & Fitness Rehabilitation (2004)
. TRX Suspension Coach ~ Official TRX  Qualified (2014)
. Boxing Coach Level II (1998)
. Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor (2006)
. Sivananda Yoga Teacher (1990)
. Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (2014)
Beyond the Mat Professional Training
. Swiss Ball Core Conditioning
. Thai Massage (Partner Stretch)
. Tao Face & Neck Massage
. Learn to Run Coach
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